Exploration of digital technologies alternatives

The technology that I decided to explore was Infinite Monkeys, an app maker for Ipads and mobile phones. I chose to try to build an app because I use apps everyday and thought it may be something that students would enjoy as well. I was very disappointed when I started using the app maker as I could not choose Australia as a region to work in. I did however like the step by step videos to help me through the construction process. When you are not required to pay for the app, there are always pop-up advertisements in its place, therefore it is not for free and if you want a good app you generally need to pay for it. The full version that you pay for cut out all the advertising and also you were able to do a lot more with your app. I would not use this app maker in the classroom due to the way you need to give out your personal details, and the way that if you did get the free version students would be getting ads. The mobile devices that are used in the classroom are normally shared around the whole class, so individual apps I do not think would be appropriate (I think I would make a Web quest for the student’s instead).


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