Extension project with scratch

I utilized the racing car game to extend my understanding of programming in scratch. I chose this because the concept could work within the classroom. I found the instructions on how to build the racing car game easy to read and follow. This task allowed me to use the skills that I had learnt from the introduction of scratch and build on them.  It was an engaging and fun activity and would be simple to introduce to any classroom. The way in which you are able to make it a group activity, would help with understanding by students learning from their peers. This game I believe fits into the Australian curriculum in year five in

Mathematics / Year 5 / Measurement and Geometry / Location and transformation


Content description:

Use a grid reference system to describe locations. Describe routes using landmarks and directional language.



  1. comparing aerial views of Country, desert  paintings and maps with grid references
  2. creating a grid reference system for the classroom and using it to locate objects and describe routes from one  object to another




Mathematics / Year 5 / Measurement and Geometry / Geometric reasoning


Content description:

Estimate, measure and compare angles using degrees. Construct angles using a protractor


  1. measuring and constructing angles using  both 180° and 360° protractors
  2. recognising that angles have arms and a  vertex, and that size is the amount of turn required for one arm to      coincide with the other




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